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LCC Youth:

Our vision is to be a church (any group of believers being led by Jesus) where people feel the freedom to "come as we are" not "as we should be" because none of us are as we should be. We want to be a safe place where the picked on, put down, left out, ignored, overlooked, singled out people of this community can come and Be Real- Belong and Become.

Be Real

No one should have to pretend, act right, think right, say the right things to be accepted. Jesus sees right through us. We cannot hide anything from him, so we should have the freedom to be ourselves.


Because Jesus accepts us as we are, we want to learn how to pass that acceptance on to others. It's not easy, and we're not as good at it as we'd like to be, but that's what we are working on. Loving our neighbors like we love ourselves. When people come to CAYAC, we hope that they will soon begin to feel like they belong.


We recognize that although Jesus accepts and loves all people as they are, He is in the business of transformation. It's God's job to change us into people like Jesus. It's our job to cooperate. So come as you are but be willing for God to change you,so that you Become the person God wants you to be.
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