First Time?

We're excited to help you prepare for your first visit. We look forward to meeting you! Please explore the First Time tab above to discover what to expect, directions, services times and more.

Bengtson Ministries:

Buildings & Grounds ~ Eric Fox & Deanna Scott
Evangelism ~ Geraldine Coleman & Suzi Hardy
Prayer ~ Rosie Bengtson
Missions ~ Ken Akins & Jane Sherwood

Gurr Ministries:

Adult Education ~ Eddie Herring & Sherman Wade
Fellowship ~ Diane Shelton & Marla Wylds
Goodfriends ~ Betty Hubbard & Glenda Middleton
Special Events ~ Pam Straughan

Morgan Ministries:

GPS/New Members ~ Pam Morgan
Guest Services ~ Pat Sheckells & Martha McKenna
Women Ministry - Pat Ferguson
Worship Serving Teams - Doug Grimm & Scott Hartman

Renshaw Ministries:

Administration ~ Kandy Davidson
Children's Ministry ~ Allison McAlister
Music Ministry ~ Dwayne Wylds & Carmen Belden
Youth Ministry ~ Shane Hankinson & Judy Denney
  • Celebrate
  • Community
  • Compassion